The most durable deep tillage rippers perfect for Australian soil conditions.

Tilco HydramaxDeep Tillage Implement

Hydra-Max Folding Wing Deep Ripper

Tilco HydramaxDeep Tillage Implement

Hydra-Max Hydraulic Ripper

Hydra-Max Deep Rippers

The Tilco Hydra-Max Deep Ripper is arguably the most effective hydraulic breakaway shank system available, thanks to the unique double pivot jump system. They have a maximum clearance jump height of over 730mm with a smooth and rapid re-entry, the Hydra-Max is perfect for deep tillage applications in any condition.

It has a total hydraulic breakout force of over 8t allowing the Hydra-Max to effortlessly navigates subsoil obstructions while delivering a full break out of the hardpan and compaction with a true non-inversion result. 

These plows come fitted with Tilco's heavy duty tungsten hardfaced blades and shinguards.

Hydra-Max shanks accept all Tilco accessories including coulters. The frames are configurable to accept seed boxes, crumble rollers, end tow or hydraulic folding wing systems for easy transport.

Hydra-Max Deep Ripper Plows are suitable for applications including broadacre, pasture renovation, soil structure management, row crop and small crop farming.


Double pivot jump system - 340mm first stage jump for quick re-entry over small obstacles, 730mm second stage jump for navigating large obstructions 

Instant return to working position (no re-entry problems) 

Hydraulic accumulator managed system pre-charged at 2400psi 

Frame layouts and shank spacings from 350 to 1500mm on a versatile range of frame styles, all utilising 178 x 178 x 9.5mm toolbars for maximum durability 

Frame options include wing fold, seed boxes, crumble rollers, end tow, folding hitches, up to 18m/60' widths and more 

Shank system accepts a massive range of accessories including mulch blades, gas deltas, furrowers, bed formers and coulters  

Heavy duty 32mm high tensile steel shanks 

750mm underframe clearance

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