Highly configurable and cost effective, our Stabililser Discs are excellent for preventing sideways movement.

Ticlo Ag Systems Conventional Stablizer Discs

Conventional Stabiliser Discs
Conventional Stabiliser Discs prevent sideways movement of implements in operation and ensure straight line tillage. This is especially useful for row cropping with GPS or in applications where fertiliser, seed or spray output need to be exact.

30" x 8mm double bevel discs standard, available to suit other sizes
Adjustable row spacings of 1.8m - 2m standard, available to suit other sizes
178 x 178 x 9.5mm rear bar for strength and stability during operation
Heavy duty hub and axle assembly
Ratchet adjust depth control option for hydraulic fold
Mount arms available in a variety of length - bolt on configuration for good fit around existing tooling

Ticlo Ag Systems Steerable Stablizer Discs

Steerable Stabiliser Discs
Steerable Stabiliser Discs
Combining all of the advantages of a conventional stabiliser disc system with the ability to hydraulically manage disc direction, these steerable stabiliser discs give you the option of slaving hydraulic management to GPS systems providing you the peace of mind knowing your toolbar will always be in line. Reduce operator fatigue and increase consistency with a steerable stabiliser disc.

Heavy duty pins with greasable bosses
Reliable, low overhead hydraulics
Flexible mounting options and a range of disc widths (2m and 6' available as standard)
Accepts discs of any size.

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