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Tilco Centre Buster Fertiliizer Rig

Centre Buster Fert Rig with Steerable
Lift Assist

TilcoCentre Buster Fertiliizer Rig

8 Row Centre Buster Fertilizer Rig

Fertiliser and Centrebuster Plows

Designed to break down old hills and beds while delivering solid fertiliser and refurrowing, the Tilco Fertiliser and Centrebuster Plough is a classic time saver with wide application in row crop tillage. From our standard 8 x 1m/40" 2.75m3 configuration to more sophisticated setups, we can tailor a rig to your specific needs giving you spot on fertiliser application and an excellent furrow every time. 
Standard range from 4 to 12m frames with options for gull-wing or fully folded frames.


  • Hard-wearing and tough 178 x 178 x 9.5mm toolbars .
  • Heavy duty CAT 3/4 bolt-on hitch assembly, options to suit CAT 2/3 .
  • Bolt together frame gives you flexibility to adapt your implement to changing needs.
  • Heavy duty depth wheels with custom made turn buckles.
  • Tilco R77 Ripper Shanks for centrebusting provide excellent trash flow and clearance at 788mm underframe.  
  • Tilco A77 adjustable shanks for furrowing give depth management flexibility to ensure optimum furrowing performance with Tilco furrowers, complete with tungsten hardfaced wear blades and options for mouldboard extensions and super heavy duty furrowers.
  • Standard range from 4 to 12m frames with options for gull-wing or fully folded frames.


  • Stainless steel bins with wire shelves and sturdy lid lock system.
  • High density poly distributor rollers with stainless steel shafts.
  • Option for high volume stainless steel distributor rollers for hydroscopic conditions.  
  • Easy clean drop-down outlets with options for single, double and triple drop tubes.
  • Durable and highly configurable ground drive system.
  • Option for electronically managed hydraulic drive and metering unit.
  • Bolt-on toolbar mounts and walkway including safety rail and ladder.
  • Available in a range of standard sizes or custom made for your size requirements.
  • Auger option to allow for centre or end fill.
Tilco Fertilizer Rig

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