Tilco Danish Cultivator

Folding Wing Danish Cultivator

Tilco Tilco Danish Cultivator

Rigid Bar Danish Cultivator

Exclusive 7-way total adjustment. Adjust tines for row spacing – shallow or deep – front to front – side to side. Tines vibrate to shatter clods, bust up crust and rip weeds out to die. Higher speeds can even improve the action and the results!

Cover more acres per day with less effort. Kill more weeds and work more soil with crop matching adjustments. Available in 6, 8, 12 and 16 row narrow and 4, 6, 8 and 12 row wide models. All feature high clearance tool bars to accommodate tall crops and extra long gang design improves residue flow. 

Frame Construction

  • Totally adjustable tines and extensions
  • One-bolt gang gauge wheel adjustment
  • Adjustable rear shank mount
  • Narrow/wide row spacing on same tool bar
  • Extra long gangs
  • Replaceable, greasable bushings
  • Parking Stand

Tilco Danish Cultivator

5 Tyne Danish Cultivator
(3 and 7 Tyne Configuration Available)

Tilco Danish Cultivator

Cultivator Wheel Assy

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